Meaning of sarnie in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɑːni/

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informal British
  • A sandwich.

    • ‘Opt for simple comforting English fare like fish-finger sarnies with ketchup, or Cornish pasties and sausage and mash.’
    • ‘He has developed a taste for proper white-bread bacon sarnies, with loads of HP sauce.’
    • ‘More a café than a beach bar, Big Vern's makes the best bacon sarnies in Britain.’
    • ‘It used to be that you'd start the day with a fry-up, then a bacon sarnie when you got to the ground and a pie and chips for lunch.’
    • ‘Oh, and even the humble sarnie got madeover to suit a generation for whom a deskbound cheese and tomato on brown was no longer going to be quite enough: in 1991 a small chain called Pret a Manger had just six branches but plenty of big ideas.’
    • ‘Also, most vegetarians don't advertise the fact that they are a veggie, in a lot of cases you wouldn't know that somebody was a vegetarian until you offered them a bite of your chicken sarnie and they explained why they were refusing!’
    • ‘The shop is making up a special order of 800 smoked salmon, chicken salad and other sarnies for a client at Royal Ascot, as well as the normal fare for hungry York shoppers.’
    • ‘An old timer at the bar ordered a bacon and lettuce sandwich but was shocked when told his sarnie would be served in a baguette.’
    • ‘I've cut down my intake of pork-pies to two a week and have cut out bacon sarnies all together - no mean feat for me.’
    • ‘If I'm not working, I take Mabel, my Jack Russell, to Hyde Park, and not even the smell of bacon sarnies from the hot-dog stand tempts me.’
    • ‘When he's not munching his way through a plate of bacon sarnies he's puffing away steadily on a succession of Gitanes, which no doubt help explain that gravelly voice.’
    • ‘But as regulars tucked into bacon sarnies and beer little did they know they were having breakfast in the last chance saloon.’
    • ‘If you have any of this dish left over, it makes scrumptious bacon sarnies the next day - just don't forget your grain mustard.’
    • ‘The food is okay, a fairly-standard mix of sarnies, baguettes and chip-based meals.’
    • ‘If you can happily sit down and munch on a bacon sarnie, can you really say it is wrong to test a new, important and extremely beneficial medicine on a sweet little piggy who could easily be your lunch?’
    • ‘I was actually singing Wouldn't It Be Loverly from My Fair Lady and wondering whether to have egg mayonnaise or tuna in my lunchtime sarnie.’
    • ‘You've spilt lager on the magazine article about high energy fruit smoothies, and swapped the bran flakes for a bacon sarnie.’
    • ‘The other girls show ladylike restraint having just a couple of triangle sarnies and one cookie each.’
    • ‘It may seem pricey for a ham sarnie, but Eva ate every bit of it: that's money well spent in my book.’
    • ‘Now the airline has unveiled plans for its own improved sarnies.’