Meaning of saros in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɛːrɒs/


  • A period of about 18 years between repetitions of solar and lunar eclipses.

    ‘Total solar eclipse tracks perform consistent geographical steps within a saros, as in Figure 2.2, and there are systematic trends in other eclipse sequences.’
    • ‘This period is known as the saros, a Greek word meaning ‘repetition’ that is itself derived from the Babylonian sharu.’
    • ‘Referring to Figure 15-7 one sees how this eclipse echoes that of February 26, 1998, which was a saros earlier.’
    • ‘Thus these three eclipses crossing the United States were all part of the same saros cycle, a sequence that began in 1535 and will continue until the 75th eclipse in the year 2888.’
    • ‘He observed the Moon through one complete 18-year saros.’


Early 19th century from Greek, from Babylonian šār(u) ‘3,600 (years)’, the sense apparently based on a misinterpretation of the number.