Meaning of sasanqua in English:



  • A Japanese camellia with fragrant white or pink flowers and seeds which yield tea oil.

    Camellia sasanqua, family Theaceae

    ‘After a series of exceptionally cold winters in the late '70s and '80s, the sasanqua and Japanese camellias at the U.S. National Arboretum in Washington, D.C., were almost all killed.’
    • ‘More experienced gardeners may have success raising seeds of Camellia sasanqua, clivias, crepe myrtle, fuchsia, Murraya paniculata, roses and stephanotis.’
    • ‘I've also acquired one plant of the autumn flowering Camellia sasanqua, a red flowered variety, ‘Dazzler’.’
    • ‘Camellia sasanqua and Murraya paniculata (orange jessamine) are good flowering choices and these can either be kept clipped or allowed to expand, as required.’
    • ‘To get the flower color you want, shop for Camellia sasanqua and early-flowering C. japonica now, while they're blooming.’



/səˈsaŋkwə/ /səˈsaŋkə/


Mid 19th century from Japanese sasank(w)a.