Meaning of sash cord in English:

sash cord



  • A strong cord attaching either of the sash weights of a sash window to a sash.

    mass noun ‘they trussed them in sash cord’
    • ‘When replacing sash cord, put a 16d nail into the end of the cord before feeding it through the pulley.’
    • ‘Also, if your sash cords dangle near the floor, install a hook to hang them higher up - they're a strangulation risk.’
    • ‘Be sure you do not cover the pulleys and that the sash cords or chains can run free.’
    • ‘They are subject to rot and paint loss, loose fit, worn or no weather stripping, broken sash cords and malfunction.’
    • ‘Gently lever out any nails holding the broken sash cords to the window frame.’