Meaning of sashay in English:


Pronunciation /saˈʃeɪ/

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[no object] informal mainly North American
  • 1with adverbial of direction Walk in an ostentatious yet casual manner, typically with exaggerated movements of the hips and shoulders.

    • ‘Louise was sashaying along in a long black satin dress’
    • ‘She normally sat at the opposite end of the room, but had strutted over, sashaying her hips to talk with him.’
    • ‘I stared at her, breath ragged, as she walked to the door, sashaying her hips calmly.’
    • ‘Rivulets of sweat poured down our backs and James called out to us to walk like models sashaying down a ramp.’
    • ‘She evaded his grasp and left without another word, sashaying her hips tauntingly.’
    • ‘She looked up at me, and our eyes met for a brief instant, before she walked away, sashaying down the street towards the comedy club.’
    • ‘She draped the white fur coat seductively around her shoulders and sashayed into the sitting room.’
    • ‘They sashay along the red carpet, botox-smooth and silicone-enhanced, so blatantly vain and unabashedly full of themselves, spinning for scores of photographers.’
    • ‘She sashays her way through the weekend with a natural elegance and sense of fun.’
    • ‘Stunning in an ivory off-the-shoulder creation, with lace trim and offset by a lengthy train, the blonde dancer sashayed her way down the aisle to the side of her clearly ecstatic husband-to-be.’
    • ‘She laughed again, and sashayed off, hips swaying.’
    • ‘Wind whipping her gauzy skirt against her hips, she sashayed towards him.’
    • ‘The parade of models sashaying down the runway in the Eldorado Ballroom had local fashion designers earning spirited cheers and rousing applause from the approving crowd.’
    • ‘Drew glanced at the high-heeled, short-skirted girl now sashaying her way up the driveway.’
    • ‘Models sashayed the catwalk in their jeans, textural cable knit sweaters and big fur bags.’
    • ‘With that, she sashayed away, throwing me a glance over her shoulder.’
    • ‘Heads turn automatically as she sashays into view.’
    • ‘They've spun, tangoed, waltzed, rumbaed, salsaed, funked, jazzed, hip-hopped and twirled their little hearts out and now they're sashaying off into the sunset in an hour-long final.’
    • ‘Some of them seem to be like our typical male models who while sashaying down the ramp in fashion shows give a demonstration of their well-built bodies.’
    • ‘So there we were with our slinky little dresses, sashaying across the stage singing religious music and I think it just took the world aback.’
    • ‘No, this international model will not be sashaying down the ramp, but will take up a one-year course in Hindi.’
    swagger, swank, parade, prance, flounce, stride, sweep
  • 2Perform the sashay.

    • ‘ladies center, men sashay, left allemande’
    • ‘Ailey had fully experienced the thrill that ripples through a Broadway theater when a line of spiffy dancers sashays in unison towards the edge of the stage.’
    • ‘Ann and Sandie worked very hard promoting the event which saw line dancers from all over the province sashaying on the floor most of the night.’


  • (in American square dancing) a figure in which partners circle each other by taking sideways steps.

    • ‘roll away with a half sashay, then face your original partner’


Mid 19th century (as a verb): alteration of chassé.