Meaning of Sasquatch in English:



another term for Bigfoot
‘Along the way, Chabon does a seamless job of mixing in an amazing variety of characters and stories from a wide mix of Native American and European traditions: faeries, giants, ghosts from the old West, Sasquatches, and much more.’
  • ‘From Sasquatch to the Mothman, our writer takes on the supernatural’
  • ‘In Malaysia some of these reports are leading to scientific research teams heading into the rain forest to find a Sasquatch, or evidence thereof.’
  • ‘This CEO is a bit like the Loch Ness monster or Sasquatch: lots of people claim to know someone who knows someone who's seen him.’
  • ‘Ally immediately thought of the ancient hoax videos of Sasquatch and almost laughed out loud, but she kept filming.’
  • ‘The contributing editor wrote about hunting for Sasquatch in the August 2002 issue.’



/ˈsaskwɒtʃ/ /ˈsaskwatʃ/


Early 20th century Salish.