Meaning of satang in English:


Pronunciation /saˈtaŋ/

nounplural noun satang, plural noun satangs

  • A monetary unit of Thailand, equal to one hundredth of a baht.

    ‘Electricity rates are also set to increase by 5 satang per unit with another increase between February and May 2005 in accordance with the rise in diesel prices at the pumps around March.’
    • ‘It resulted in local prices of raw cassava increasing to 1-1.20 baht per kilo from around 65-80 satang per kilo.’
    • ‘If the transportation crosses provincial boundaries, an additional allowance of 90 satang per kilometer will be provided.’
    • ‘The cost of a stamp was one Att, approximately three satang.’
    • ‘Sutham would get up early in the morning and walk around his village selling bean sprouts for 25 satang.’


Thai, from Pali sata ‘hundred’.