Meaning of satay in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsateɪ/


(also satai)
mass noun
  • An Indonesian and Malaysian dish consisting of small pieces of meat grilled on a skewer and served with a spiced sauce that typically contains peanuts.

    ‘Don't bother dithering over the appetizers, even though the lightly fried tofu with peanut sauce, chicken satay and green mango salad are all quite good.’
    • ‘Coriander features in just about everything, save a dish of satay with a nicely savoury sauce.’
    • ‘The food is an exotic mix of tapas and dim sum, so you eat chorizo and calamari one minute, spring rolls and satay the next.’
    • ‘Chicken quesadilla, chicken tacos, chicken satay, chicken in lettuce leaves - they've all become essentials on the American appetizer menu.’
    • ‘Our dinner menu includes an appetizer of easy grilled satay and a simple pad thai, both of which are largely made ahead of time.’
    • ‘For a main course, try nasi goreng, seasoned rice layered with egg and shrimp, served with beef satay and a big, crispy shrimp cracker.’
    • ‘I tried the Thai green curry, Filipino adobo and Malaysian satay; all delicious.’
    • ‘Next week they'll be serving up sushi, oysters, satays, vegetarian and meat curries.’
    • ‘Both nation's cuisines are well covered, and you'll be able to find a range of rendangs, sambals, satay and roti as well as kormas, masalas, tandoori and naan.’
    • ‘Pass on the standard gluey pizza or sliced sub, and try to put out more unique and tempting treats, like Chinese dumplings or chicken satay.’
    • ‘The fusion food tickled my palate tantalisingly as I heaped satay and dim sums on my platter along with the wide variety of seafood and seaweeds.’
    • ‘Pasta dishes, fresh halibut, black tiger prawns or chicken satays will satisfy any hunger.’
    • ‘The restaurant will offer the best of South East Asia with starters such as Pla Yaan or marinated grilled fish, satay, deep fried crabmeat, and minced chicken ball, spicy glass noodle salad.’
    • ‘It is streamlined into fairly familiar categories: sizzling dishes, satays, bird's nests (something on a bed of shredded fried yam) but seafood has pride of place.’
    • ‘Also on the appetizer tip, the sate ayam is a simple dish of chicken satays, with a classic, beautiful tamarind and brown sugar sauce.’
    • ‘As difficult as it is to stray from the safety of pork dumplings, try the satay.’
    • ‘Appetizers are up next and spring rolls, satays and deep fried chicken with sesame are all on offer.’
    • ‘So for appetizers we chose Deep Fried Banana Blossom in batter, some chicken satays and Chinese spring rolls.’
    • ‘Sometimes food is barbecued bananas or goat satays, maize or cashews, all purchased through the bus window as we pass through small villages of thatched-roofed mud huts.’
    • ‘The deep fried prawns were fat and juicy and the chicken satays simply superb.’


From Malay satai, Indonesian sate.