Meaning of satcom in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsatkɒm/


(also SATCOM)
mass noun
  • Satellite communications.

    as modifier ‘land vehicles could also benefit from satcom links’
    • ‘Of course, traditional satcom through the Inmarsat satellites is still a popular option for business aircraft operators.’
    • ‘The cabin system specialist last month surprised many by announcing plans for broadband Internet satcom services through the constellation of low-earth-orbit satellites.’
    • ‘This equipment includes LCD flight displays, digital VHF radios, communication management units, file servers and high-speed satcom equipment.’
    • ‘Boeing said it is willing to shoulder the up-front costs of development, noting that it already is in the satnav business and has become a major leader in satcom.’
    • ‘For sending IP requests or e-mail from the aircraft back to the ground, the airplane's existing telephony, such as an Inmarsat-based satcom system or Magnastar telephone, must be used.’
    • ‘It was also unusually well equipped with the latest avionics, including TCAS II Change 7, TAWS and satcom.’
    • ‘The only evidence offered by the Pentagon is that troops found a quantity of small arms, money, foreign passports and a satcom radio.’
    • ‘The satcom hub-and-spoke data distribution design filters incoming information to save time and bandwidth while strengthening system reliability.’


1970s blend.