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Pronunciation /seɪt/

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[with object]
  • 1Satisfy (a desire or an appetite) to the full.

    ‘sate your appetite at the resort's restaurant’
    • ‘Two years before, he had begun writing to them, asking for photos, information, anything to sate a schoolboy's appetite for space exploration.’
    • ‘When you fuel yourself with foods that your body is craving, make a note of how they've sated your appetite or how you felt after eating them.’
    • ‘Nuts are high in monounsaturated ‘good’ fats and a handful may sate an overzealous appetite.’
    • ‘He was hungry all the time and nothing could sate his appetite.’
    • ‘However, eating nuts helps to sate the appetite, and studies suggest this tends to lead to a reduction in our intake of other foods.’
    • ‘Just a warning for light eaters, the generous portion should be shared by at least two persons as this particular dish will quickly sate your appetite as it is incredibly rich.’
    • ‘Valerie tossed him the flask of juice, which he drank just as quickly, sating his thirst.’
    • ‘After everyone had sated their hunger, the group all climbed into Kevin's car.’
    • ‘My savoury yearnings were sated by now, though the whole Camembert fondu with Chablis and garlic was very tempting.’
    • ‘Since he had sated his hunger he found that his senses were even sharper.’
    • ‘His hunger was sated for the time being, but he decided to continue browsing.’
    • ‘The soldier was exhausted, and the meager food failed to sate his gnawing hunger, but he wasn't alone or afraid any longer.’
    • ‘I want some real food; something to sate my hunger and soothe my stomach.’
    • ‘Maybe if they gave her something to sate her hunger, she'd finally be silent.’
    • ‘The result would sate media appetite for star content while saving the studios huge sums of money.’
    • ‘As always, there's a lot more than multiplex fare to sate your cinematic desires this season.’
    • ‘People suffering from Prader-Willi need half as many calories as normal but have an appetite that cannot be sated, which usually means that they are clinically obese.’
    • ‘Champagne was ready, along with flowers and a menu designed to sate the finest appetite.’
    • ‘Successful gladiators are those who not only sate the crowd's desire for blood, but do so in an entertaining fashion.’
    • ‘It's a wealth of extras that should sate any fan's desire for supplemental material.’
    satiate, fully satisfy
    gorge, stuff, fill, overfill, overfeed, surfeit, glut, cloy
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    1. 1.1Supply (someone) with as much as or more of something than is desired or can be managed.
      ‘he was sated with flying’
      • ‘I don't know what I could do with a lot of what I get, as I'm already sated with so much good stuff.’
      • ‘If that doesn't sate you, the Macdonalds can organise fishing, deer-stalking, pony-trekking and hiking.’
      • ‘These were films to sate our inner children, perfect movies that crossed generational borders.’
      • ‘At this point, I thought I was sated, and could not imagine ever wanting to take another bite of anything, no matter how savory and delicious.’
      • ‘It's hard to imagine anyone saying, ‘I've got all the music I'll ever want now - I'm sated.’’
      • ‘I nurse the first baby until she's sated, then attend to the second baby.’
      • ‘We were thoroughly sated and decided to skip dessert from a list which included the usual Italian suspects such as tiramisu.’
      • ‘When she was sated, sleep threatened to take her immediately, but she tried to fend it off by talking.’
      • ‘And under any other circumstances, it would be more than enough to sate us.’
      • ‘For now, however, a good tale would more or less sate him.’
      • ‘I am so sated, so well fed, so over fed that I could go for at least a month without eating a morsel before feeling the true pangs of hunger.’


Mid 16th century probably an alteration of satiate.