Meaning of satellite dish in English:

satellite dish


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  • A bowl-shaped aerial with which signals are transmitted to or received from a communications satellite.

    ‘This means that anyone in Ireland will be able to buy a small satellite dish and box and receive all the British channels for free, forever.’
    • ‘There's a connection charges of £1,299 and £899 respectively for the services, both of which cover the purchase of the satellite dish and indoor broadband unit.’
    • ‘Signals from this satellite reach viewers with a satellite dish in North and Central America.’
    • ‘Many well-to-do households receive a wide selection of foreign channels through a satellite dish and often allow neighbors to pay to tap in.’
    • ‘Elibyari says she researches the Afghan war five hours a day, using the Internet, radio, newspapers, phone, and a satellite dish that picks up Al Jazeera, an Arab news network.’
    • ‘My data bits were being beamed up through a satellite dish, and bounced off one of the geostationary telecommunication satellites, to earthbound dishes, routers, and landlines.’
    • ‘Their house is equipped with three phone lines, five computers, a satellite dish, and the capability to broadcast a weekly radio show.’
    • ‘An astonishing number of roofs sprout television antennae, and a few houses even sport a satellite dish.’
    • ‘Paul has disconnected his phone, his cable and his satellite dish.’
    • ‘In the 80s, satellite feeds were not regulated and every sporting event was available via ‘wild’ feeds through our satellite dish.’
    • ‘It turned out that the gentleman, a sixty-eight-year-old pensioner with an artificial hip, had fallen from the roof of his bungalow whilst attempting to adjust the position of his satellite dish.’
    • ‘A satellite dish can pull in hundreds of channels.’
    • ‘I wanted to add a satellite dish to my residence.’
    • ‘Pointedly, a satellite dish atop the roof served as a reminder that television is the purveyor of global commercial culture and the desires it inculcates.’
    • ‘Korthion has double-glazed windows and recessed lighting throughout, along with gas-fired central heating and a satellite dish.’
    • ‘Each village has a school, a clinic and a satellite dish.’
    • ‘The trailer-mounted satellite dish that the van brought is still here, now connected by cables leading into the building.’
    • ‘Its roof supports a satellite dish, signifying an effort to reach out that contrasts with the fortresslike quality of the facade.’
    • ‘I saw a house with a thatched roof and a satellite dish on top.’
    • ‘He erected a satellite dish before he built his house.’