Meaning of satiety centre in English:

satiety centre


  • An area of the brain situated in the hypothalamus and concerned with the regulation of food intake.

    ‘The satiety centre's reminder that we have eaten enough may be overridden if the food being eaten is especially tasty, or merely because we have a certain amount on our plate and expect to finish it.’
    • ‘Nerve receptors in the stomach and hormones throughout the body are activated, as well as the satiety centers of the hypothalamus in the brain.’
    • ‘The hunger centre stimulates an individual to eat whilst food requirement is diminished by the satiety centre.’
    • ‘On the other hand, if you stimulate the satiety centre of the same animal it causes immediate and total lack of appetite, even if the animal has not eaten and in the presence of extremely appetizing food.’
    • ‘When we smell or eat food, receptors in the nose are stimulated by food odor molecules and convey these signals to the satiety centre in the brain.’