Meaning of satisfy the examiners in English:

satisfy the examiners


  • Reach the standard required to pass an examination.

    ‘I saw my name on the list of candidates who had satisfied the examiners in the final examinations.’
    • ‘A candidate who satisfies the examiners for the award of a classified degree at the second attempt shall not normally be awarded a degree classification higher than a Third Class.’
    • ‘Candidates who fail to satisfy the Examiners in any of the modules which are part of the taught component for the course may be re-examined on such terms as the Academic Board, on the recommendation of the School, may decide.’
    • ‘The purpose of the three-hour written paper is to satisfy the Examiners that the candidate has acquired not merely the knowledge requisite to write the dissertation, but also a broader contextual understanding of its subject matter.’
    • ‘In order to be eligible for the award of a degree, a candidate must have satisfied the examiners by passing Part I of the Degree and thereafter have satisfied the examiners by passing Part II of the Degree.’