Meaning of satisfyingly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsatɪsfʌɪɪŋli/


  • In a way that gives fulfilment or the pleasure associated with this.

    ‘she neatly and satisfyingly ties up the loose ends in the story’
    • ‘the pancake was satisfyingly substantial’
    • ‘Lifeboats are very grim places, with satisfyingly simple rules.’
    • ‘His film is helped by a satisfyingly vicious twist in the final scenes.’
    • ‘The ending is satisfyingly nihilistic, albeit laden down with rather heavy-handed irony.’
    • ‘With the satisfyingly beautiful sound of a swish, he increased the 15-point lead of his team.’
    • ‘In the movie's satisfyingly high-concept plot, there is more at stake than a man's sense of self in a big city.’
    • ‘Satisfyingly, the audience is allowed to do the investigative work themselves.’
    • ‘He arranged a satisfyingly battered set of antique phonograph horns amid the weathered beams of this peaked room.’
    • ‘A satisfyingly dark purple colour, it has a nose sweet with fruit.’
    • ‘Female friendship is treated in a satisfyingly jaundiced fashion in this 2002 independent film.’
    • ‘The wind howls as you explore the outdoor levels, while footfalls in the snow are accompanied by a satisfyingly crisp crunch.’