Meaning of sativa in English:


Pronunciation /səˈtiːvə/


mass noun
  • 1A subspecies of the cannabis plant, Cannabis sativa sativa, having a long stem and narrow leaves and grown for hemp fibre as well as for use in drugs.

    as modifier ‘sativa plants grow best in warmer environments’
    • ‘Sativa is tall and thin while indica is short and bushy.’
    • ‘Sativa plants have long and thin leaves that are lighter in color.’
    • ‘Combination strains of both indica and sativa plants come in three general variations.’
    • ‘Indica and sativa plants differ not only in their physiological effects, but also in their appearance. ’
    • ‘The sativa plants thrive in the warmer equatorial climates.’
    • ‘From a plant structure perspective, sativa grows long and lanky, with thin, wispy leaves.’
    • ‘I grew sativa and they did not like a high room temp at all!’
    • ‘I was not growing sativa, so I am pleading not guilty to the charges.’
    • ‘This method is the most intrusive method of training and can severely damage your growing sativa which can lead to poor yields.’
    • ‘The sativa died out after three early harsh winters in a row.’
    1. 1.1Cannabis made from sativa plants and used as a psychoactive (mind-altering) drug. It is sometimes characterized as more stimulating in effect than the indica variety.
      ‘indica mellows you out and sativa boosts your energy and gives you a buzz’
      • ‘Indica has a heavy body effect, as opposed to sativa which has much more of a mind effect.’
      • ‘This pure sativa starts slow with relaxing cerebral effects after the first puff.’
      • ‘Green Jesus has become my go to sativa over the past 2 months.’
      • ‘This sativa is supposed to be great because it helps with anxiety.’
      • ‘Sativa is the champagne of pot with an effervescence that goes right to your head.’
      • ‘If someone is going to go see a movie or a concert, we'll say maybe you want a sativa.’
      • ‘The varieties of sativa for medical-grade marijuana are more energizing and are meant for stimulating creativity or physical activities.’
      • ‘This powerful sativa will uplift you and make you super happy—a perfect combination to combat stress.’
      • ‘Some cannabis users smoke sativa during the day and indica at night.’
      • ‘Now that I have a job and kids and responsibilities, I smoke sativa.’


From the scientific name of the subspecies.