Meaning of savagely in English:



  • 1In a fierce, violent, and uncontrolled manner.

    ‘a schoolgirl has been savagely attacked by a dog’
    • ‘She plays a prostitute who was once savagely beaten by a man in Pennsylvania.’
    • ‘At the weekend, he goes out and hacks savagely at the undergrowth of the garden.’
    • ‘He savagely turned once more on his mother.’
    • ‘About 100 people armed with sticks and stones savagely pelted the house.’
    • ‘He was the poster boy hero of the revolution who was savagely executed shortly after his capture.’
    • ‘Forever in our hearts are all those who perished, all those who were so savagely oppressed.’
    • ‘He forced through his reformation by terror, against the wills of almost all his subjects, by savagely suppressing dissent.’
    • ‘She was the mastermind behind a robbery in which her estranged husband was savagely beaten with an axe.’
    • ‘The remake is from the perspective of the shark, which was quietly going about its business when it was savagely hunted down by cold-blooded predators.’
    • ‘The drama begins when she savagely assaults an innocent stranger.’
    1. 1.1In an aggressively hostile manner.
      ‘he savagely criticized the Prime Minister’
      • ‘In his speech last month, he savagely attacked the high prices paid for works of art.’
      • ‘Always ready with a sharp retort, he savagely compared Manet to their slick, fashionable contemporary Carolus-Duran.’
      • ‘The publishers and their chiefs were savagely lampooned.’
      • ‘Where were the bone-juddering hits, the savagely powerful tackling?’
      • ‘After enduring savagely vitriolic campaigns on the terraces and in the boardroom, he has stated he will sell his shareholding in the club.’
      • ‘No one was more savagely satirical of small-town Scotland and the Kailyard literature it spawned than he was.’
      • ‘He was savagely blamed for controlling her estate, as well as for having caused her suicide by his infidelity.’
      • ‘He is savagely denounced for using military adventures to distract attention from his own predicaments.’
      • ‘Savagely criticized at the time, he didn't seem to care because he was the stock-market czar.’
  • 2To a very great and severe degree.

    ‘corporations have savagely cut costs to boost profits’
    ‘civil liberties would be savagely affected’
    • ‘The film's perspective of how things work in today's boardrooms is savagely accurate.’
    • ‘Within a month a new, savagely virulent haemorrhagic fever crept from the jungle.’
    • ‘Given the violent opening section of the book, that line is savagely ironic.’
    • ‘It was savagely true to the style, the approach, the tone he had long developed.’
    • ‘This savagely stunning landscape is of essential importance to the film.’
    • ‘It's tension, energy, release, and relish, all in a savagely sweet, controlled little package.’
    • ‘The budget for the playing squad will be savagely reduced by a figure of £850,000 or more.’
    • ‘Eventually, the currency markets which have marked down the euro so savagely will get the message that they've gone too far.’
    • ‘You are savagely uninterested in all the things I am uninterested in.’
    • ‘Parts of his concisely sectioned travelogue are savagely hilarious.’