Meaning of saveloy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsavəlɔɪ/

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  • A seasoned red pork sausage, dried and smoked and sold ready to eat.

    ‘Growing up in a Greek takeaway in Birmingham might not have been something you bragged about, says Peter, but the smell of cod, saveloys and kebabs was the spur to getting a university education’
    • ‘The store in the larger camps sold groceries, the baker brought bread twice a week, a truck called with fruit and vegetables for sale, and the butcher called bringing sausages galore and in one camp giving each child a saveloy.’
    • ‘It's position, parked up on the verge by the main arterial route over to Brighton indicates that it has not been left, engine running, whilst its owner nips into the chippy for a saveloy.’
    • ‘From now on, you'll have to make do with a saveloy 'n' chips with mushy peas.’
    • ‘Parking my car, I gaze over the bleak wooded Borderlands, and munch a pink saveloy.’
    • ‘Children gathered there every Friday night to eat bread and saveloys and drink billy tea from water boiled on the fire.’
    • ‘With yer chips you can have fish, pies, sausages, saveloy - or best of all, the aforementioned sausages coated in a crispy batter and then fried.’


Late 18th century apparently an alteration of obsolete French cervelat, from Italian cervellata; compare with cervelat.