Meaning of sawhorse in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɔːhɔːs/

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North American
  • A rack supporting wood for sawing.

    ‘Place the marked sheet on sawhorses and cut along the penciled lines with a circular saw set to the proper depth.’
    • ‘Clamp the molding in a wood vise, or to a workbench, or on a sawhorse.’
    • ‘In fact, several modestly scaled constructions were displayed on plywood panels that straddled sawhorses, a presentation that conjured a studio or workshop and underscored the makeshift appearance of most of the work on view.’
    • ‘The base consists of two adjustable sawhorses - because counter height is more convenient for some tasks, desk height for others - but any sturdy sawhorses will do.’
    • ‘Shane had set up a makeshift table for them, made of wooden boards and sawhorses.’
    • ‘Nailing ceilings, one nails a wood tongued-and-grooved board in place while standing on planks laid across sawhorses.’
    • ‘There was construction equipment everywhere, sawhorses, large saws, extra lumber, and so on and so forth.’
    • ‘I made make-do sawhorses out of the top of my new chest freezer and the top of two plastic storage boxes stacked on my stepstool.’
    • ‘Dunlap uses sawhorses built from two-by-fours, but you can also use PVC or logs.’
    • ‘Doors are best painted removed from their hinges and set on sawhorses.’
    • ‘Wood and three colleagues worked at desks that consisted of chunks of plywood plunked across sawhorses.’
    • ‘Lay the timber on a pair of sawhorses and mark the cutting line on one face.’
    • ‘A plain door and two sawhorses will help you get by until that next big purchase - a desk.’
    • ‘Remove the door and lay it across a couple of sawhorses or on a sturdy worktable.’
    • ‘With her help, he draws the long plank onto the sawhorse.’
    • ‘With both his small hands Dominic had gripped tightly the end of each board jutting off the sawhorse as Mr. Russo carefully cut through it.’
    • ‘To ease my back and save time, I screwed a piece of plywood to the top of a sawhorse and made a crude table to catch the piece of split wood.’
    • ‘A sawhorse stands in one corner, and a metal chair with bent legs rests on its side.’