Meaning of sawmill in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɔːmɪl/

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  • A factory in which logs are sawn into planks or boards by machine.

    ‘The courts did little to stop textile mills, machine shops, sawmills, chemical works, and similar businesses from polluting.’
    • ‘In colonial America, small streams powered rural grist mills and sawmills.’
    • ‘Along with a sawmill, power plant, and gypsum processing facility, Belledune is also home to one of the world's largest lead and zinc smelters.’
    • ‘All are high quality logs destined for sawmills and stud mills, where they are made into dimension lumber for the construction industry.’
    • ‘In the early spring of 1762 Hazen joined the pioneers with a party of settlers who built a primitive sawmill and gristmill and constructed rude shelters.’
    • ‘At the abandoned fort, the 54th destroyed more than fifty bales of cotton, a gristmill, and a sawmill.’
    • ‘Logging companies need sawmills to turn trunks into planks.’
    • ‘Her father worked in sawmills but kept moving for better pay.’
    • ‘Good jobs in the rural West once came predominantly from sawmills, ranches, and mines.’
    • ‘In the 1950s the couple built an electric sawmill behind their home in North Lismore and began supplying timber to other local businesses, expanding as each year passed.’
    • ‘Joseph Schneider arrived in Canada in 1807 and after clearing his farm and cutting a road along the line of Queen Street, he built a sawmill in 1816.’
    • ‘Withering drought, the sawmill closing, families leaving the district in droves and the nationwide rural downturn had brought Ranfurly to its knees.’
    • ‘There was a Catholic church there and also a sawmill.’
    • ‘To power their sawmill's waterwheel, they carved out a channel which in effect created the island we know today.’
    • ‘Logs were dragged to the shore and dumped to wait to be towed to a sawmill.’
    • ‘He gets a job in a local sawmill, which given his disgrace is the nearest he can realistically get to his former profession of carpenter.’
    • ‘One of my brothers had to take a job working in a sawmill and had almost completed college.’
    • ‘British Columbia's timber industry has lost money three years in a row, leading to closure of 10 sawmills, one plywood mill and one pulp mill in 1998.’
    • ‘The nineteenth century saw the introduction of steam-driven sawmills and, after 1900, electric-driven mills followed.’
    • ‘One by one the county's 20 sawmills began closing as federal land managers responded to a shift in public values and slashed the volume of timber they made available to loggers.’