Meaning of say one's piece in English:

say one's piece


  • Give one's opinion or make a prepared statement.

    ‘I've said my piece, it's up to you’
    • ‘You said your piece, and nobody else's opinion seemed to matter.’
    • ‘And in the end, Kate says her piece, eventually sealing the contest.’
    • ‘The family filtered through into an antechamber and the friends passed by us all one at a time, saying their piece.’
    • ‘She was a very vibrant and extrovert girl and not afraid of saying her piece.’
    • ‘You've got about 30 seconds to say your piece, and then people move on unless you have something interesting to say.’
    • ‘Even if you say your piece kindly and rationally, do not expect your friend to take it well.’
    • ‘Listening also means not interrupting the other but letting them say their piece.’
    • ‘I'm going to say my piece and you're going to listen!’
    • ‘It was such a dramatic moment that I didn't even need to say my piece.’
    • ‘Although I had been at the conference for two days, I was about to be granted just two minutes to say my piece.’
    communicate one's opinions, communicate one's thoughts, communicate one's views, put thoughts into words, speak one's mind, say one's piece, say what's on one's mind