Meaning of scatterbrain in English:


Pronunciation /ˈskatəbreɪn/

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  • A person who tends to be disorganized and lacking in concentration.

    ‘she struck me as a bit of a scatterbrain’
    • ‘Why then do they let themselves be shown as silly little scatterbrains, making the compromises, while the men romp all over the screen doing exactly as they please?’
    • ‘These accounts typically focus on perceived negatives and neglect to acknowledge the positive influence that attention deficit medication has had on thousands of scatterbrains.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the heartthrob of this film admits he is less than perfect - one of his problems being he is a real scatterbrain.’
    • ‘Maybe if I wasn't such a scatterbrain, I would be able to focus on something more then the first interesting new bit and actually finish it.’
    • ‘‘Be off with you, you scatterbrains! ‘he shouted angrily, ‘Away from the palace steps!’’
    • ‘‘Robert can't stay here,’ his mother recalls thinking, ‘our poor child among all these scatterbrains.’’
    • ‘By and large, he appears to be on top of things, but there are times when they play like out-and-out scatterbrains.’
    • ‘You were behaving like a scatterbrain, but with you, that's right in character.’
    • ‘The eccentric drunk's largesse solves the girl's problems, but when the scatterbrain forgets he gave her the money, she is arrested for thieving.’
    • ‘I've been told that I am careless, a scatterbrain.’
    • ‘Like an afterthought, he added, ‘Even if you are a scatterbrain most of the time.’’
    • ‘Something of a scatterbrain, his study was populated by stacks of unchecked papers and piles of worn books.’
    • ‘He gripped the wheel, chewing himself out for being such a scatterbrain.’
    nincompoop, dunce, simpleton