Meaning of schmick in English:


Pronunciation /ʃmɪk/


informal Australian
  • Smart or stylish.

    • ‘the new white, blue, and orange colour schemes are very schmick’
    • ‘Now, if you haven't got a friend like Howard to present you with the schmick fold-up reflectors, help is on its way.’
    • ‘It was refurbished in 2000 and is now very schmick and has eight screens.’
    • ‘I really didn't want the joinery and all those things to be really schmick.’
    • ‘He was talking very loudly and swearing a lot, and revealing just how much of a nerd he really is, despite his schmick clothes.’
    • ‘The housing is silver plastic, looks pretty schmick and is thankfully free of flashing lights, glowy bits or fluorescent stickers.’
    • ‘Pretty schmick car!’
    • ‘I thought about liner notes, because when I make mixtapes I always go to a lot of trouble to make them look as schmick yet personalised as possible.’


1980s origin uncertain.