Meaning of schnorrer in English:



(also shnorrer)
informal, derogatory North American
  • A beggar or scrounger; a layabout.

    • ‘In Paris Cafe society we may be viewed as petty tyrants but, say what you will, at least we are not like them, the primitive Yiddish schnorrers in black robes and fur hats.’
    • ‘There were no soldiers visible here, just traffic and crowds of shoppers and storekeepers, tourists and the schnorrers who hit them up for money.’
    • ‘It is not involved in the world of schnorrers and handlers that populate his book.’
    • ‘A Yiddish will say he's a schnorrer, a paupe; a butlin, a butchen, a goornisht, a schlmozzel and so on.’
    • ‘He was a notorious parasite and schnorrer, but few of his hosts were overtly unwelcoming, since he could be ingeniously vindictive in print, even when seeming to offer praise.’
    tramp, beggarman, beggarwoman, vagrant, vagabond, down-and-out, homeless person, derelict, mendicant



/ˈʃnɒrə/ /ˈʃnɔːrə/


Late 19th century from Yiddish shnorrer, variant of German Schnurrer.