Meaning of schnozz in English:


Pronunciation /ʃnɒz/


(also schnoz)
informal North American
  • A person's nose.

    • ‘my damned schnozz is busted!’
    • ‘If God didn't want us to smell each other, he wouldn't have issued schnozzolas.’
    • ‘Then I ran the risk of subjecting my hypothetical lover to the disturbing sounds my giant trombone of a schnozz would produce while she tried to sleep.’
    • ‘As your face scrunches up in a grimace of the most agonizing of all pain, you'll be exercising the vital muscles in and around your schnozz without even knowing it!’
    • ‘It's all drippier than my schnozz during a summer cold.’
    • ‘If you've yet to be introduced to this classic tale of lost love and its hero with the legendary schnozz, this is an excellent place to begin.’


1940s from Yiddish shnoytz, from German Schnauze ‘snout’.