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Pronunciation /ˈskɒləʃɪp/

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  • 1mass noun Academic study or achievement; learning at a high level.

    ‘the intellectual dishonesty has nothing to do with lack of scholarship’
    • ‘By the time they reach adulthood, many achieve high levels of Islamic scholarship.’
    • ‘He is appalled at the level of scholarship in the theatre in this country.’
    • ‘He proved to be the correct scholar to direct her to the next level in her scholarship.’
    • ‘This obituary, I suspect, may turn out to be an epitaph on a culture of knowledge and scholarship.’
    • ‘Professional academic scholarship is invariably withdrawn, apolitical and private.’
    • ‘This book is a major achievement in historical scholarship, entirely worthy of its Pulitzer Prize.’
    • ‘Although it is a form of literary study, it is not a form of literary scholarship.’
    • ‘The salutary lesson is that popular scholarship is very difficult.’
    • ‘He worked to restore classical Latin as the language of scholarship and literature.’
    • ‘His study forms part of a new wave of scholarship on the Stalin period.’
    • ‘The view of many of my academic colleagues seems to be that good scholarship and activism don't mix.’
    • ‘Her epilogue instead reflects the critical influence of recent feminist scholarship.’
    • ‘Recent historical scholarship on the period reveals that the outbreak of war represented a watershed in Nazi ideological policies.’
    • ‘Cody would discuss modern biblical scholarship but believed the Bible to be true.’
    • ‘He is meticulous in locating his own work in relation to existing feminist scholarship in the field.’
    • ‘Critical biblical scholarship can and should help protect people of faith from perilous exploiters of the biblical message.’
    • ‘In this sense, the scholarship of teaching and learning belongs to this century.’
    • ‘The administration should demonstrate that effectiveness and scholarship of teaching are highly valued and rewarded.’
    • ‘However, much has transpired in the recent years regarding the scholarship of teaching and learning.’
    • ‘I am a strong supporter of scholars studying scholarship in their fields.’
    learning, book learning, knowledge, erudition, education, letters, culture, academic study, academic achievement, intellectual attainment
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  • 2A grant or payment made to support a student's education, awarded on the basis of academic or other achievement.

    ‘Tim held a Humboldt scholarship’
    • ‘he went on a state-sponsored scholarship to study engineering’
    • ‘The money will be used to support scholarships and education grants through the Foundation.’
    • ‘The winners receive cash awards and scholarships to continue their education at college or art school.’
    • ‘New staff have been hired and more money is available for student loans, scholarships and bursaries.’
    • ‘Proceeds are intended to give scholarships to deserving students who would like to pursue higher education.’
    • ‘New Jersey's plan offers scholarships to students who attend a state college or university.’
    • ‘It will admit artisan-students of all ages, charge fees, and find needy students scholarships or loans.’
    • ‘In order to visit all the students who had been awarded these travel scholarships, he had to travel to Yorkshire and other places which were new to him.’
    • ‘We realize that our members will need financial support for future grants and scholarships.’
    • ‘It also gives scholarships to high school students who have supported gay and lesbian causes.’
    • ‘Her work raised funds for new hospital equipment and provided numerous scholarships for students.’
    • ‘There will be significant encouragement of high achievers through bursaries and scholarships.’
    • ‘There are up to 150 scholarships awarded annually worldwide, although their location is secret.’
    • ‘The university does not offer scholarships specifically for international students.’
    • ‘He was awarded scholarships in anatomy and pathology.’
    • ‘However, fund officials plan to award the first scholarships this winter.’
    • ‘They don't have time to boost savings, and most 2002 scholarships have been awarded.’
    • ‘Many students decide to take out loans before fully exploring available grants and scholarships.’
    • ‘Encourage your child to start applying for scholarships for the 2003 academic year.’
    • ‘Those who do well can receive additional awards and scholarships.’
    • ‘He takes a vested interest in every recipient of his foundation's grants and scholarships.’
    grant, award, endowment, payment
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