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school district


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  • A unit for the local administration of schools.

    ‘For each enrolled homeschooler, the public school district receives state and federal public tax money.’
    • ‘Finally, we examine how local schools and school districts have addressed violence and disruption in their buildings and communities.’
    • ‘Mainstream students are those who attend public schools within a school district.’
    • ‘She has also partnered with her local school district to bring health information to students and teachers.’
    • ‘So urge your local school district to remove this pothead's ramblings from the curriculum.’
    • ‘For example, a child might switch out of a core school into a neighboring school district.’
    • ‘No significant differences existed between urban and rural school districts or between urban and suburban school districts.’
    • ‘The largest employers in this community are two major universities, the local school district, and the community hospital.’
    • ‘Banks can abide by federal community reinvestment rules by buying small bond issues from local school districts, so they tend to gobble up the entire series.’
    • ‘He also needs to put the brakes on the state's budget-busting aid to local school districts, spiraling up at two to three times the rate of inflation.’
    • ‘It provides many of the services mentioned above to children with disabilities through local school districts.’
    • ‘States and local school districts also bear a huge financial burden.’
    • ‘The trick for educators and school districts will be making teaching so rewarding that the newcomers stick around when more lucrative jobs beckon once again.’
    • ‘Vending machines and company logos are positioned around the schools, and school districts often get a higher payback if the students drink more.’
    • ‘In other words, would not there be differences in many different school districts to reflect the curriculum?’
    • ‘In 16 years I have lived in 2 states, 4 houses and gone to school in 3 different school districts.’
    • ‘The federal school lunch program provides school districts with just $2 for a free lunch for the poorest children.’
    • ‘Schools or school districts contract to use the database, which is then aligned to each state's individual requirements.’
    • ‘To be sure, some school districts and individual schools see standards like these as a call to action.’
    • ‘They're used chiefly for the purposes of ranking schools and school districts.’