Meaning of school run in English:

school run

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  • A regular journey made by car to take one's children to school or bring them home.

    ‘I'll be back in time to do the school run’
    • ‘With my eldest child now attending morning nursery, my days on maternity leave are punctuated by the school run.’
    • ‘Just don't expect to draw admiring glances on the school run.’
    • ‘The journeys they make also tend to be shorter: school runs, shopping, short-distance commuting.’
    • ‘According to Egg, the average cost for a household doing the school run is £402 a year.’
    • ‘Our normal school runs are undertaken, not far above the gutter, in a 12-year-old Citroen.’
    • ‘Unlike the modern Range Rover it was not, repeat not, designed for the school run.’
    • ‘"A lot of people have it for commuting into town or for the school run," she said.’
    • ‘Other costs include possible damage to vehicles whilst on the school run.’
    • ‘The Suzuki is well suited to cope with family duties such as school runs.’
    • ‘Then it's time to make everyone's packed lunches before setting off on the mother of all school runs.’