Meaning of schoolbook in English:


Pronunciation /ˈskuːlbʊk/

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  • A textbook used in a school.

    ‘Your mum might have thrown out all your schoolbooks, so you keep everything.’
    • ‘In addition, he had married Vanessa two years ago, back when he could scarcely afford his schoolbooks let alone the engagement ring she had been sniping about since they were high school sweethearts.’
    • ‘Are backpacks the best way to carry schoolbooks?’
    • ‘Quickly stowing the teddy bear under her bed (it enraged her father to see it), she grabbed one of her schoolbooks and pretended to be reading about biology.’
    • ‘Whatever is to be filmed - from pamphlets to schoolbooks to broadsides - is positioned carefully in a large, jointed cradle under a wide pane of glass.’
    • ‘He knows battle only through schoolbooks and soldiers' stories, and fears the possible ridicule of his peers, should he be deemed a coward by running from battle.’
    • ‘All of them received schoolbooks, notebooks and other accessories every year, during the month of June, before the commencement of new academic year.’
    • ‘Father brought home schoolbooks today for each of us.’
    • ‘Even if the protest over schoolbooks proves momentary, stress between the two countries will likely continue across a range of fault lines.’
    • ‘He put down her schoolbooks carefully, in a neat stack.’
    • ‘A glance at the stack of schoolbooks on her desk reminded Lee that she had a class this morning, and Lee inwardly cursed her erratic course schedule.’
    • ‘Added to his mortgage, he was forced to seek a loan from his credit union all in a desperate effort last year to purchase his children's much-needed schoolbooks.’
    • ‘Going over to his desk, he stuffed the sheets of last night's homework in his book bag along with his schoolbooks and put one of the straps over his shoulder.’
    • ‘She walked to her room to put up her schoolbooks, noting that if she did not get to work on a new assignment soon, she would be swamped with other work before she could get to it.’
    • ‘He helps buy schoolbooks and uniforms, takes children on field trips and even lectures them on the importance of adhering to their school's dress code.’
    • ‘There were only schoolbooks, classes, day trips, and his friends.’
    • ‘Barbara is sitting on a couch, looking over some schoolbooks.’
    • ‘I found the closet-type thing where my uniforms were stored, the drawer with schoolbooks, and a small computer.’
    • ‘I grabbed my schoolbooks and ran down the hallway to the exit.’
    • ‘Palmer advises parents to lay in a good supply of schoolbooks.’