Meaning of schoolie in English:


Pronunciation /ˈskuːli/


  • 1Australian, Northern English informal A schoolteacher.

    educator, tutor, instructor, pedagogue, schoolteacher, schoolmaster, schoolmistress, master, mistress, governess, educationalist, educationist
    1. 1.1A school pupil.
      • ‘Of these, 1,346 were schoolies or high school students; the remainder were university students, local residents, or other tourists.’
      • ‘Well, Jimmy's been out the front gardening and noticed some schoolies throwing stones in the abandoned car showroom - it happened when Sister and El were visiting and our neighbour also had her window put through.’
      • ‘The play is regularly performed by teenagers in the US - this usually means that schoolies are taken to see it.’
      • ‘They tend to be aimed at schoolies, so you have to put up with large quantities of children, but can be fun.’
      • ‘Christina, you are a schoolie who's stolen a push-up bra and a bright red lipstick from your mother - what could you possibly bring to a role of substance?’
      • ‘The research reported in this paper tested an expanded version of the TIB developed in the earlier work on Canadian spring breakers to explain the casual sex activity among Australian schoolies.’
      • ‘The effect of peers in influencing whether schoolies engaged in casual sex was strong for both men and women.’
      • ‘Truckies and burnout schoolies roar through hours my sleep was programmed for.’
      • ‘One schoolie did report being offered free ecstasy on the first night.’


    schoolies week
    • (in Australia) a week of celebrations to mark the end of the final year of senior school.

      • ‘While most year 12 students are already planning their trips for schoolies week one Lismore student is really going to get away from home.’
      • ‘Both schoolies week and spring break are holidays when youth travel with friends and gather in large numbers, typically at beach resorts, with the goal of an adult-free, responsibility-free, fun time.’
      • ‘It's up to our fun-loving heroes to discover why all the fun-loving teens are turning into zombies (see, it is just like schoolies week!)’
      • ‘How will I know if my son or daughter will be ‘safe’ away from home during schoolies week?’
      • ‘In addition, the decision to take a vacation such as spring break or schoolies week is often made close to the time of departure.’