Meaning of science fiction in English:

science fiction

Pronunciation /ˌsʌɪəns ˈfɪkʃn/

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(also SF)
mass noun
  • Fiction based on imagined future scientific or technological advances and major social or environmental changes, frequently portraying space or time travel and life on other planets.

    ‘He has composed for a variety of genres but science fiction, horror and fantasy stories dominate his filmography.’
    • ‘The motif of alien beings peopling our planet is a very common one in science fiction.’
    • ‘This very modern thriller has all the elements of science fiction combined with a racy thriller.’
    • ‘However, in science fiction it has frequently referred to the viewing apparatus itself.’
    • ‘More than any other literary form, science fiction always courts obsolescence.’
    • ‘Especially when a science fiction director decides to find science fiction in reality, something's wrong.’
    • ‘Much more popular are genres such as crime and adventure, romance, horror, and science fiction.’
    • ‘Certainly you can find that kind of metaphor in a Western, or in a romance, or in science fiction.’
    • ‘Call me stuck in a genre, but most of what I read is science fiction and fantasy.’
    • ‘While I shy away from science fiction entirely, fantasy shall always be in my heart.’
    • ‘It turns out that the line between science and science fiction is even more blurry that we thought.’
    • ‘Fantastic machinery has continued to fire the imagination, notably in science fiction.’
    • ‘As Dwight got older his love for science fiction took a backseat to his love for space exploration.’
    • ‘It begins with a premise that is well worn and recognizable within the genre of science fiction.’
    • ‘It engages in a fantastical speculation about what the future might hold, as any good science fiction does.’
    • ‘Surprisingly for a writer who has claimed not to be a fan of the genre, he chose science fiction.’
    • ‘It's not as if trips into ‘near space’ like this are the stuff of science fiction.’
    • ‘It reminded me just how inaccurate science fiction and futurism inevitably are.’
    • ‘Other themes that arise out of basic science fiction are the elaborate medical thrillers.’
    • ‘Now we get into the romance part for a while and forget science fiction for now.’
    myth, legend, fable, fairy tale, romance