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Pronunciation /ˈsʌɪəntɪst/

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  • A person who is studying or has expert knowledge of one or more of the natural or physical sciences.

    ‘a research scientist’
    • ‘As much as our scientists would love to study these things, people are in danger and we need to fight back.’
    • ‘My father was a scientist studying the virus and when Diana got it he devoted his life to finding a cure.’
    • ‘The scientists in their study said humans are especially unique in their ability to put off instant rewards.’
    • ‘We are talking here not about scientists in general but about research scientists.’
    • ‘The scientists called for more research to identify the chemicals responsible.’
    • ‘This includes scientists and researchers working on government grants or on sabbatical.’
    • ‘These busy men do not have time to research and depend on scientists that are not looking at the facts thoroughly enough.’
    • ‘Even university or government research scientists are not in a much better situation.’
    • ‘To be sure, social scientists have long been interested in the role of imitative behaviors.’
    • ‘She said forensic scientists have known for about five years that fingerprints contain DNA.’
    • ‘One would not have to be a political rocket scientist to understand why.’
    • ‘Forensic scientists believe she was aged between 20 and 40 and a non-smoker.’
    • ‘Moreover, many eminent scientists do not believe this context to be important.’
    • ‘Leading scientists around the world believe the group's claim is a hoax.’
    • ‘Are you safe from these unpredictable new diseases leading scientists are discovering every day?’
    • ‘Every penny raised goes to help scientists who are working to cure cancer.’
    • ‘Soon before he retired he was ranked number one amongst government scientists in the field of genetic engineering.’
    • ‘As chemistry and chemical theories became more sophisticated, scientists were able to better identify and produce various materials.’
    • ‘The sudden disappearance of the dinosaurs has baffled scientists for many years.’
    • ‘Phenomena like sleepwalking and dream deprivation have baffled scientists for years.’
    researcher, technologist
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