Meaning of scilicet in English:



  • That is to say; namely (introducing a word to be supplied or an explanation of an ambiguity).

    ‘He said ‘The first thing which struck me when I was going home [scilicet on the evening of Day 18] was why would I be sending a coded letter to Mr Curry?’’
    • ‘What persuades me that an independent obligation was intended here is the reference in the sale contract, scilicet in its printed form.’
    namely, that is to say, that is, to wit, to be specific, specifically, in other words, to put it another way



/ˈsɪlɪsɛt/ /ˈsʌɪlɪsɛt/ /ˈskiːlɪkɛt/


Latin, from scire licet ‘one is permitted to know’.