Meaning of scimitar in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɪmɪtə/

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  • A short sword with a curved blade that broadens towards the point, used originally in Eastern countries.

    ‘Other items include Russian swords, scimitars and a shield from Turkey.’
    • ‘At the wrist, the blade became smoother, becoming a short scimitar that extended nearly a foot forward.’
    • ‘Each rider carried one of many weapons - a wicked scimitar, a powerful lance, or a flail.’
    • ‘While a good percentage of them had guns or rifles, some also carried scimitars and daggers.’
    • ‘Rhea pressed her scimitar's blade against the spear, but she simply couldn't cut through.’
    • ‘Faces half covered, long curving scimitars sheathed at their sides, they walked along the narrow, trodden path, from which all onlookers hastily cleared.’
    • ‘The blades of scimitars could be seen beneath their robes.’
    • ‘They were both wielding large, curved scimitars; they swung them about menacingly, circling them.’
    • ‘The claws on the monstrosity jutted out and curved like a dozen scimitars.’
    • ‘It hissed at him entrancingly, standing and drawing two wickedly curved scimitars from between its scales.’
    • ‘He carried no javelins or shield, and was equipped with his scimitars and twin daggers.’
    • ‘He turned his blade to the side and caught her scimitar in his cross guard, then launched his body forward.’
    • ‘A trio of rogue English thugs is in pursuit of the same artifact, as are scads of very large Egyptian and African chappies with huge scimitars and daggers.’
    • ‘The killer puts the hands into a sack he's carrying and starts to take the scimitar out of a scabbard he wears.’
    • ‘It contained a number of wooden replicas, including his scimitars, spear, and axe.’
    • ‘He winced when he realized that he was holding onto the hilt of his scimitar, and let go of his weapon with a snort.’
    • ‘She shot an ice-charged projectile down at the scimitars, but the whirling cutters diced it to ribbons in the blink of an eye.’
    • ‘Michael had his scimitar, Monica her rapier, Eric a mace, and Erin a pick.’
    • ‘His fingers knew their path - knew the twin scimitars from point to hilt.’
    • ‘He clenched his fists around the hilts of his scimitars at the idea.’


Mid 16th century from French cimeterre or Italian scimitarra, of unknown origin.