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Pronunciation /skuːt/

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[no object] informal
  • 1Go or leave somewhere quickly.

    • ‘they scooted off on their bikes’
    • ‘Amy walked towards the restroom, quickly scooting out of people's ways.’
    • ‘Lydia scooted away quickly and tried not to blush when he opened his eyes and looked around for her.’
    • ‘He's squatting on his haunches, scooting along and slowing his descent by holding to the plants.’
    • ‘The Mauritians loved it though, encouraging us as we scooted along the country roads.’
    • ‘Eventually he was reduced to scooting along like an inchworm.’
    • ‘Brian was scooting frantically along to his side, his head bobbing up and down like a boy in a toy store.’
    • ‘Jake became along and scooted off the bed to kneel at my side and place a hand on my shoulder and back.’
    • ‘‘Well, I gotta dash,’ she beamed, grabbing her things and scooting out of the room.’
    • ‘‘Hey,’ he said softly, falling to his knees on the bed and then scooting up to lay next to me.’
    • ‘I forced a smile and nodded, scooting so that I was across from her.’
    • ‘Tony, now almost six months old, was scooting around on the floor.’
    • ‘I gave her a nod and we began scooting further around the house.’
    • ‘All the males waved him goodbye, scooting over to fill his empty seat, and obviously not entirely listening to what he said.’
    • ‘I sucked in a breath and bolted upright, scooting back in my bed till my back hit the headboard and I couldn't go any further.’
    • ‘I stared at him warily before nodding and scooting back towards him.’
    • ‘My silence fills the car, and a lone bushel of tumbleweed scooting through the scene wouldn't exactly seem out of place.’
    • ‘The couple was scooting down the road, easily catching up with them.’
    • ‘Confused, I nevertheless dropped to the floor, scooting away from the window.’
    • ‘He opens the door for me, and I slide in, scooting over to save him a trip.’
    • ‘He sat down into the curved side of the booth, scooting across the seat, onto the other side of the soft curve.’
    dash, dart, run, sprint, race, rush, hurry, hasten, hare, hurtle, bolt, shoot, charge, career, speed, fly, whizz, zoom
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  • 2Slide in a sitting position.

    • ‘she laughed when she saw me scooting down the slope on my backside’
    • ‘she scooted over in the booth and made a space for him’
    • ‘Jean beamed at his mother, squirmed out of her lap, and scooted a few feet across the floor before she scooped him up again.’
    • ‘Ember scooted across the futon to where he sat.’
    • ‘You certainly wouldn't have caught any of them scooting across the floor on their bottoms.’
    • ‘‘Sit down,’ she said, scooting over so he could sit in the space between Jane and Austin.’
    • ‘He scooted away from me on the bench.’
    • ‘He scoots over next to me, and suggests that we go for a coffee .’
    • ‘Scoot on over and give me a seat.’
    • ‘I scooted closer to Karen, who was too absorbed in her essay to notice.’
    • ‘She sat next to Angelie, who scooted over to allow her more room.’
    • ‘Jacks smirked a bit, scooting over on the bed.’
  • 3Ride a scooter.

    • ‘many children who scoot to school wear helmets’


    go on the scoot
    Australian, New Zealand informal
    • Go on a heavy drinking session.

      • ‘they enjoyed the fun and games and went on the scoot’
      • ‘He had been promoted several times for good work and demoted just as often for "getting on the scoot".’
      • ‘He once asked a journalist for five pounds so he and his backbench colleague could 'go on the scoot'.’
      • ‘Some forty or fifty men took leave to go on the scoot.’
      • ‘One man trained hard for his tax rebate, then went on the scoot and had a coronary before he got his refund.’
      • ‘They always gave warning of his arrival in Perth, after which they both went on the scoot together.’


Mid 18th century of unknown origin.