Meaning of scooter in English:


Pronunciation /ˈskuːtə/

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    (also motor scooter)
    A light two-wheeled open motor vehicle on which the driver sits over an enclosed engine with their legs together and their feet resting on a floorboard.

    ‘I saw the women with their thick dark hair, so much like mine, riding scooters together around the piazzas.’
    • ‘It was a still balmy night as I have remarked earlier and when the engine of the scooter ceased to growl, the void it left in its wake was immediately usurped by a gushing wave of silence and total noiselessness.’
    • ‘Phone us today and get our expert, impartial advice on which scooter would best suit your needs.’
    • ‘We have had numerous reports about youngsters riding motorised scooters on roads and pavements, particularly since Christmas.’
    • ‘A man has been banned from the roads for drink-driving - after riding his motorised scooter while over the limit.’
    • ‘My husband Dave is riding his motor scooter.’
    • ‘A man with a collapsed spine has been robbed of his mobility after thieves stole his electric scooter.’
    • ‘I bought an electric scooter for nearly £1, 000 but had to put it in storage.’
    • ‘A woman with multiple sclerosis has been left practically housebound after thieves stole her mobility scooter.’
    • ‘Unruly youngsters riding motorised scooters are making their residents' lives a misery.’
    • ‘Only someone who was insane would let a 10 year old drive a scooter on the public roads.’
    • ‘He could still be seen around the Hampton area on his mobility scooter.’
    • ‘He used a cane when walking but used a special, extra-large motorized scooter whenever possible.’
    • ‘Motorised scooters worth around £7,500 have been destroyed during a fire at a mill in Farnworth.’
    • ‘Youngsters who are getting a buzz from riding motorised scooters could be heading for trouble by breaking the law.’
    • ‘I live in central London, I am rational, I drive a scooter.’
    • ‘For a girl who drives a scooter, she's pretty defensive about it.’
    • ‘Children receiving trendy new powered scooters for Christmas may be driving straight into trouble with the law.’
    • ‘Sid parked the scooter and strode towards the iron gate confidently.’
    • ‘In addition, officials said, scooters with jet engines consumes 18 percent less oil than conventional ones.’
    1. 1.1often with modifier Any small, light, vehicle able to travel quickly across water, ice, or snow.
      ‘a snow scooter’
      • ‘The lake has several marinas where you can rent ski boats, water scooters, patio boats, and the like.’
      • ‘It was a mixture between big motorboats, small sailing boats and on one pier eight water scooters were standing on a platform.’
      • ‘Each man in the squad was dressed in a wetsuit and carried a pack of high explosives on their electric water scooter.’
      • ‘Farther downstream the river begins to widen into Lake Havasu, and the parade of water scooters and powerboats with massive, roaring engines begins to increase.’
      • ‘The water scooter is very popular among the youngsters.’
      • ‘Children hoot in merriment as they ride their water scooters or turn into birds gliding across the sky while they para-sail.’
      • ‘They have developed a sea scooter capable of reaching a stunning 2.5 knots.’
      • ‘I used a battery-powered underwater scooter to descend to about 15m.’
  • 2A child's toy consisting of a footboard mounted on two wheels and a long steering handle, propelled by resting one foot on the footboard and pushing the other against the ground.

    ‘A sharp rise in injuries related to using foot propelled scooters is leading to an increased demand that children using them should wear mandatory protective gear.’
    • ‘Motorless aluminum scooters with in-line skate wheels fall into another category, but aren't street-legal either.’
    • ‘Others whizz into the garage on machines resembling scooters with two oversized wheels, one on either side of the standing platform.’
    • ‘They push their shiny aluminum scooters onto the street, in formation.’
    • ‘As summer arrived, so did the big wooden crates bringing wonderful dolls, mechanical toys, pedal cars, tricycles, scooters, dolls' prams.’
    • ‘The group is focusing on hazardous toys in four categories: toys that present a choking hazard because of small parts; balloons; toxic toys; and scooters.’
    • ‘Many kids would make scooters by attaching the rough, steel wheels to a two-by-four with a milk crate on it and then adding wooden handlebars for steering.’
    • ‘But a new study says less than half of all kids 5 to 14 actually wear their helmets, when on bikes, skateboards, scooters and other wheeled toys.’
    • ‘Larger toys, such as tricycles, scooters, slides and climbing frames, will all be popular.’
    • ‘The worker came out with a scooter, mostly colored white with black handlebars and seat.’
    • ‘With extremely low rolling resistance from wheels made by molding polyurethane onto aluminum centers, this scooter is fast, fun, effective transportation.’
    • ‘I remember I wanted to get one of those push scooters with those inflatable tires.’
    • ‘Each day I lose to a bunch of kids who lurk in my neighborhood - on those little push scooters.’
    • ‘In 1998, 2200 people in the UK were involved in accidents involving children's scooters.’


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  • Travel or ride on a scooter.

    as noun scootering ‘scootering is the most economical and practical form of transportation’
    • ‘It is designed to make scootering even more affordable this summer.’
    • ‘The choice of activities included pogo sticking, orienteering, roller blading, eliminator, hockey, bouncy castle, crazy bands, scootering, Lacrosse, pitch & putt, soccer and basketball.’
    • ‘I scootered for five years, and never got into an accident with another driver.’
    • ‘After I met up with her and walked her across the road, she scootered ahead through the park again.’
    • ‘Serving also for off-season training, the dog's harness outfit works for many other joring sports, such as hike joring, jog joring or dog scootering.’
    • ‘John was scootering around the playground, very bored.’
    • ‘We scootered / skateboarded/pogo-sticked up and down her street waiting for Avery.’
    • ‘Without a word, two of the Laps scootered off to the nearest town - almost 200 miles away - to buy more dynamite.’
    • ‘Rick scootered by May, and without saying anything covered her with silly string.’
    • ‘I toyed with the idea of scootering myself to every recording studio in Soho.’
    • ‘I had got up bright and early, put on my best three quarter length trousers and had scootered my way into London's dazzling West End.’
    • ‘A few days later on a deserted Sunday morning I rode from the Mayflower three miles down to the Jacob Javits Center on the Hudson, then scootered back uptown that afternoon.’
    • ‘He just looked at Jenna again and continued scootering off.’
    • ‘The girl nodded brightly, venturing over to the small metal toy and scootering away with a large, friendly wave.’