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Pronunciation /skaʊl/

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  • An angry or bad-tempered expression.

    ‘she stamped into the room with a scowl on her face’
    • ‘When he saw that she was examining him, his neutral expression turned into a scowl.’
    • ‘Twelve guards entered the room, scowls and sneers on their faces.’
    • ‘Number one rule; never smile at your opponent; scowls and grimaces are the order of the day.’
    • ‘I ran into the kitchen, expecting to see my aunt there, an angry scowl placed upon her face.’
    • ‘There were many scowls and glares in his direction as he walked in the door.’
    • ‘Joshua came back out of the bathroom wearing a scowl, and glared at the other two.’
    • ‘She stood off to the side of the room, only barely managing to hide her scowl.’
    • ‘Catchy commercials and frequent scowls from others won't make me quit, like they didn't stop me from starting.’
    • ‘All I can say is that, during an hour in the company last week, I didn't observe any scowls or tension.’
    • ‘Again we sat at a couple's regular table and were glad we could exchange scowls with them.’
    • ‘With a jowly face set in a permanent scowl, he is perfectly suited to the grim realities of war, and he knows it.’
    • ‘So he furrows his brow, twists his mouth into a scowl and lets his eyes go dead.’
    • ‘Each hair perfectly in place, and a scowl on his moustached lips, it was clear this guy was no cartoon.’
    • ‘It is only a matter of minutes and the child is soon speeding away, his face screwed up in a scowl.’
    • ‘His face is riven with the faultlines of age, creating the illusion of a constant scowl.’
    • ‘He picked it up and thrust it with a scowl into the hands of the nearest steward.’
    • ‘Her arms were crossed in front of her, and a scowl darkened her face.’
    • ‘There was no remorse evident through his appearance; cold hard eyes and a seemingly perpetual scowl.’
    • ‘"Good," she said as her scowl melted into a smile.’
    • ‘He turned and suppressed a scowl when he spotted Jaden dancing with Leona.’
    frown, glower, glare, grimace, black look
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[no object]
  • Frown in an angry or bad-tempered way.

    ‘she scowled at him defiantly’
    • ‘She met Jack outside Lizzi's bedroom door and found his face to be angry, he was scowling at her.’
    • ‘Keo frowned and moved towards her, but she scowled and backed up, keeping out of his reach.’
    • ‘A typical boy, my little Maddy is now scowling at me every time I mention his resounding defeat.’
    • ‘Then another one suddenly moved toward me, scowling, and waved at me to stop.’
    • ‘Those who delighted in the first snows exchanged smiles, though many were scowling at the cold.’
    • ‘Even the taxi driver, who as far as I knew could not speak a word of English, seems to be scowling at me in his rear view mirror.’
    • ‘Too wired to speak, each scowled at her own reflection and prodded with combs.’
    • ‘Esteban scowled, said he'd already told her he wasn't hungry, and wandered off.’
    • ‘Holmes scowled and wished he worked in radio rather than the written word.’
    • ‘He remained mild compared to his aides, who scowled when questions turned personal.’
    • ‘He had the breakfast room to himself and was scowling into a newspaper.’
    • ‘She took note that a lot of the girls were scowling at her as she sat down.’
    • ‘Jacks growled a bit, scowling, but Sam laughed, and smiled at him, so it melted away.’
    • ‘He glanced at me for a second, before scowling and turning away.’
    • ‘The lanky Miller boy shuffled out of the office, scowling at nothing in particular.’
    • ‘She then glanced to the third occupant, a good-looking dark-haired man who was scowling darkly at the menu.’
    • ‘Alonzo was scowling when he opened the door, but grinned when he realized it was us.’
    • ‘I picked up the noisy clock, scowling at it with my half opened eyes, and shook my head.’
    • ‘What if I remembered her number wrong and I knock on the door of someone who just scowls at me?’
    • ‘Ammu first scowls at her daughter and then begins to laugh - Well, I'm the old woman of this family.’
    glower, frown, glare, lour, look daggers at, look angrily at, give someone a black look
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Late Middle English (as a verb): probably of Scandinavian origin; compare with Danish skule ‘scowl’. The noun dates from the early 16th century.