Meaning of scrap paper in English:

scrap paper


mass noun
  • Odd bits of paper, used for making rough notes.

    • ‘Enthusiastic young recyclers were left red faced when they dumped project work along with scrap paper in their school paper bank.’
    • ‘This is fine for draft prints from the Internet, notes to ourselves and others, shopping lists and scrap paper for drawing.’
    • ‘That means I travel standard class on the railway wherever possible, that we use scrap paper in the office and pay for second class postage where appropriate.’
    • ‘He scribbles one on a bit of scrap paper, points to it, saying, ‘That was me.’’
    • ‘He added the best way to dispose of chewing gum was to return the used piece back to its wrapper, secure it within scrap paper or, if you insist, swallow it.’
    • ‘I would write on bits of scrap paper by the light of a bulb above the bunk.’
    • ‘I attempted some trial washes on a piece of scrap paper this morning but my thumb's still not up to it.’
    • ‘Whenever you stamp, it's always a good idea to stamp on a surface with some give such as a mouse pad, a stack of scrap paper, newsprint, or a foam craft sheet.’
    • ‘Inside the bag, pieces of scrap paper are neatly separated - coloured paper on one side and white paper on the other.’
    • ‘I would jot down numbers and names on pieces of scrap paper sitting next to the pile of papers on my messy desktop.’
    • ‘It is also a great way to teach recycling, since scrap paper can be used to make new paper.’
    • ‘Before doing the real thing, practice on scrap paper to figure out the perfect amount of paint and pressure needed to make flawless stamps.’
    • ‘I made a withdrawal from one of my accounts and gave the teller the details of my new address information, which she wrote on a slip of scrap paper.’
    • ‘Then he gets a phone call, and while he's jabbering into his mobile, I have a think, and scribble a diagram on a piece of scrap paper.’
    • ‘It was 5.30 pm and he was hurrying to the local recycling centre to sell his cartload of scrap paper before it closed at six.’
    • ‘She casually scribbled her thoughts of adornment on a piece of scrap paper while she half listened to what the teacher was saying.’
    • ‘I smile and bend down to pick up some scrap paper on the floor; I hum softly.’
    • ‘The school children of the town collected scrap paper.’
    • ‘The school collected ten tonnes of scrap paper in a year, as part of the school's recycling partnership project.’
    • ‘Members enjoy collecting items and riding in the school minibus, so they gather the school's scrap paper and take it to the recycling bins at the local supermarket.’


scrap paper