Meaning of screamer in English:


Pronunciation /ˈskriːmə/


  • 1A person or thing that makes a screaming sound.

    ‘the screamer's screams choked off into a gurgling sob’
    • ‘The screamer, whoever it was, sounded a little like Lynn.’
    • ‘He has surprisingly done everything the unilateralist screamers assured us he would not do; namely, take every precautionary step the UN has asked him to take.’
    • ‘As such, he confounds modern-day screamers on both the left and the right for whom the warrior code is unintelligible.’
    • ‘I had listened to talk radio for many, many years before it was taken over by the cretinous screamers.’
    • ‘Where they are hard-drinking, leather-clad screamers, he is quietly spoken, has a combover and wears sweaters.’
    • ‘The cynic in me wonders about those screamers, knowing MTV auditioned for enthusiastic fans a few days before the event.’
    • ‘Ten years old, and floodlit in front of 15,000 screamers, he will never know fear.’
    • ‘A current staffer says she ‘can be exacting, but she is not a screamer, not a diva type at all.’’
    • ‘In fact, he has always had a reputation as a straight shooter, a good boss, and not a screamer.’
    • ‘His weakness would be that people perceive him as a screamer; actually he's a principled compromiser and that's the soul of a good politician.’
    • ‘I'm not a screamer by nature but I screamed then, a high piercing shriek that I could scarcely believe had come from my throat.’
    • ‘I think because of his personal style apparently, he's a screamer.’
    • ‘For a renowned screamer, his voice was in surprisingly good form on Tuesday.’
    • ‘I mean, he's a screamer in some, well, screamo band, and he's good at it.’
    • ‘Anyway, the shouters and screamers lose their impact after a while.’
    • ‘‘I'm not in this business to win a popularity contest,’ the screamer fumed.’
    • ‘He gave you hope that the future of sports-talk wasn't heading the way of screamers, suck-ups and sycophants.’
    • ‘Oh, by the way, we normally crush the teams that have screamers and cursers for coaches.’
    • ‘He always had been a screamer, a facemask grabber, a five-star curser, but in Tennessee he stood back.’
    • ‘Innovation rarely comes from a unit commanded by a screamer.’
  • 2 informal A thing remarkable for speed or impact.

    • ‘he won a screamer of a 500 cc final’
    • ‘After all, that first-generation Pentium PC that seemed like such a screamer when you bought it probably went out in the inorganic collection several years ago.’
    • ‘Provided that you can pickup the X850XT-PE, coupled with a fast system, you'll have a screamer of a gaming rig.’
    • ‘A rear engine 500 cc screamer with one central headlight, they sold 16,000 of them with the tin body but also quite a few woven ones.’
    • ‘It would also have turned an already peaky engine into a serious screamer and would have undoubtedly have required shorter gearing to make it work.’
    1. 2.1An extremely fast ball or shot.
      ‘he sent two screamers past the Oxford goalkeeper’
      • ‘They increased their lead after 50 minutes when John Butcher released a screamer of a shot that flew into the net from 20-yards out.’
      • ‘Danny Murphy seems to be an 100% a game player, which is a valuable asset, I remember him scoring a couple of screamers past Leeds last season.’
      • ‘With very little back-lift, Pires hits a screamer.’
      • ‘Forrest, on for the injured Hawley, got forward from full back and hit a screamer from 26 yards.’
      • ‘Mark Watson made it four with a screamer from outside the penalty area.’
      • ‘After the break it was only five minutes in when Graham Evans hit a screamer from the edge of the 18 yard box, which hit the post.’
      • ‘Steven Gerrard sends a screamer blazing over the bar from a few yards outside the box.’
      • ‘Hasselbaink scores goals wherever he plays and can be a good poacher or score 30-yard screamers.’
      • ‘His surface-to-air screamer from about 10 yards was fisted clear by the goalkeeper.’
      • ‘Kranjcar's screamer from 25 yards hits the crossbar.’
      • ‘Villa took a first minute lead when Seamus Kinsella ran on to a loose ball on the edge of the area and sent a screamer to the net.’
      • ‘Scott Severin won this match with a second-half screamer of a shot from 30 yards.’
      • ‘Both were long-range screamers that had the home crowd on its feet.’
      • ‘His screamer from 25 yards cracked in off the crossbar and put paid to any further resistance from the Villains.’
      • ‘A first biff blocked, he was undaunted as the rebound sat up for him to send a screamer into the top corner.’
      • ‘A real screamer, so long as it is a safe distance from goal, will be ungrudgingly applauded by opposition fans.’
      • ‘After a 40 metre solo he shot a screamer from 25 yards to the roof of the net.’
      • ‘The Wexford man, who is an air-traffic controller at Knock Airport, guided a screamer to the Tooreen net.’
      • ‘Meehan removed any doubt seven minutes later when he took a pass from Mullahy and raced through before burying a screamer in the bottom corner.’
      • ‘With good movement ahead of him creating the space, he cut through to inside the 21 before unleashing a screamer to the top right hand corner.’
    2. 2.2mainly US A sensational or very large headline.
      ‘his death caused a front-page screamer’
      • ‘His column in the Times will appear under a screamer: ‘Athens bomb dropped: six into four won't go.’’
      • ‘Curiously, they were the only newspaper to grasp this story, which splashed under one of their extremely long screamers NOW IT'S THE FRANKENFISH!’
      feature, story, article, piece
    3. 2.3 dated A thing that causes screams of laughter.
      ‘the first time the play was performed it was a screamer’
      • ‘After a somewhat creepy beginning down on the farm, the film is just a screamer.’
  • 3A large goose-like South American waterbird with a short bill, a sharp bony spur on each wing, and a harsh honking call.

    Family Anhimidae: two genera and three species

    • ‘The long toes may help screamers walk on emergent and submerged aquatic vegetation.’


    two-pot screamer
    Australian informal
    • A person who shows the effects of alcohol after drinking comparatively little.

      • ‘The clues to Polynesian ancestry come from tracing two-pot screamers and from assuming that male and female ancestors came from different places.’
      • ‘The PM-designate's election-night high-jinx ripped off his mask as a modest politician to expose a two-pot screamer.’
      • ‘Those who read my last article already know that I'm a two-pot screamer, so I didn't drink much.’
      • ‘However, I am what the Australians term a two-pot screamer.’