Meaning of screen capture in English:

screen capture

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  • An image of the data displayed on the screen of a computer or mobile device; a screenshot.

    ‘she attached a screen capture of the letter she sent to organizers’
    • ‘Her account was deleted, but not before screen captures of several tweets were taken.’
    • ‘In a screen capture, one of the three lay judges hearing the case can be seen playing the card game on his computer.’
    • ‘This brilliant Twitter user happened to find the perfect screen capture of Jordan.’
    • ‘Each section is easy to follow with screen captures explaining each tip.’
    • ‘You can just as easily do a screen capture or print the image without giving up any of your personal details.’
    • ‘The star posted a screen capture of her early alarm times, which included a first alarm at 3:30 AM.’
    • ‘Sorry for the blurry screen capture.’
    • ‘Here's a screen capture of the error, including the map, which refutes the writer's baseless claim.’
    • ‘This screen capture shows some of the creepy conversations.’
    • ‘Soon her phone was blowing up with screen captures and video of the puck hitting her in the head.’


(also screen-capture)
[with object]
  • Take a screenshot of.

    ‘once these images are shared, they can be screen-captured by anyone’
    • ‘The first post was screen captured on the internet before being deleted.’
    • ‘If it is displayed on the screen you can screen-capture it.’
    • ‘They also screen-captured a third tweet in which Rodrigue says her father is ‘being super racist’.’
    • ‘The makeup artist screen-captured the ad.’
    • ‘The comments were screen-captured by other users.’
    • ‘The tweet was eventually deleted—but not before we were able to screen capture an uncensored version.’
    • ‘There is a minimum hardware specification bar that your system will have to cross before you can start to screen capture videos.’
    • ‘Taken aback, she got her son to screen capture the comments and reported the abuse to the news organisation.’
    • ‘The only way to capture a video without downloading is to screen capture the webpage.’
    • ‘The post was screen-captured and circulated online.’