Meaning of screen dump in English:

screen dump


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  • 1Computing
    The process or an instance of causing what is displayed on a screen to be printed out.

    ‘In the bottom of this window, a partial screen dump of the quantity value history is displayed.’
    • ‘I just noticed a comment about acpi or apic - I need to read and record next time - on the last screen dump.’
    • ‘Alternatively, if your colleague leaves their computer, take a screen dump of their current work and set it as their wallpaper.’
    1. 1.1A resulting printout.
      ‘I can revert to making the table in another tool and posting a screen dump of it, but that would make the text not searchable.’
      • ‘Just check out the following screen dumps taken just a few seconds apart when I was accessing the this website this morning.’
      • ‘If one more support person had asked me to send a screen dump, I would've used Irish language in the matter.’