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screen grab

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  • 1A frame of television or video footage that is digitized and stored as a still image for subsequent display, editing, or printing.

    ‘a screen grab from Wednesday's programme’
    • ‘This time the tip-off has come from an anonymous source who has sent in a screen grab.’
    • ‘I have a few reviews of Beetlejuice from various newspapers posted there, along with over thirty screen grabs from the DVD.’
    • ‘In the meantime, here are some screen grabs to celebrate the show's first decade.’
    • ‘I watched the video again to get some screen grabs.’
    • ‘However, the company logo and the contact details at the bottom seem to be taken from crude screen grabs.’
    • ‘Several TV networks and newspapers aired clips or printed screen grabs from the videos of her in July.’
    • ‘A TV screen grab shows Thierry Henry handling the ball during France's World Cup 2010 playoff match against the Republic of Ireland’
    • ‘The best way to approximate this is to set a monitor at the appropriate screen size, expand the browser, and take a screen grab.’
    • ‘Sadly, my account hasn't been activated yet, so for this morning I was sent a document of screen grabs for what was supposed to be a 1 hour presentation.’
    • ‘Here's a screen grab of the page, since it's sure to be pulled soon.’
    • ‘Somebody please get a screen grab of that before they take it down.’
    • ‘Mac OS X doesn't let you take screen grabs when you are running the DVD Player.’
    • ‘The majority of these posts consisted of screen grabs from the first four and a half decades of the show; it was something I used to really enjoy doing.’
    • ‘If anyone has seen an amusing fake author posting on get a screen grab and email me here.’
    • ‘The notes look great and are dotted with full-color screen grabs and the disc menus feature animated transitions.’
    • ‘Screen grabs and extensive appendices illustrate these tutorials which are clearly presented, if a little poorly signposted.’
    • ‘I haven't checked my mail to see if anyone has named the movie from which I took these screen grabs.’
    1. 1.1An image of the data displayed on the screen of a computer or mobile device; a screenshot.
      ‘she posted a screen grab of the text message exchange’
      • ‘She tweeted a screen-grab of a text message she had sent.’
      • ‘Screen grabs from his Facebook page show him boasting about his 70th birthday celebration.’
      • ‘You rarely see comparative screen grabs from Kindle because the resolution of the display is so much lower than from an iPhone.’
      • ‘A number of those threats included screen grabs from news stories about murders, plane crashes, and other violent incidents.’
      • ‘The screen grab captures a full-length web page.’
      • ‘He took a screengrab of the post and shared it to his page, calling out the MP for committing an offence.’
      • ‘We've also included a screengrab in case the site gets deleted.’
      • ‘If a tweet includes a screen grab from a Guardian article, the news organization could demand remuneration.’
      • ‘‘This is MY son,‘ his mom wrote in a tweet on Saturday that's now deleted but lives on in screengrabs.’
      • ‘They took a screengrab of Cooper's post, but in their haste appeared to forget to close the other tabs that were open in their internet browser.’

verbverb screen-grabs, verb screen-grabbing, verb screen-grabbed

(also screen-grab)
[with object]
  • Take a screen grab of.

    ‘the rap star screen-grabbed almost a dozen tweets from fans’
    • ‘The website screen-grabbed the headline of her report along with her photo.’
    • ‘The army veteran screen-grabbed the tweet before it was deleted and shared a zoomed-in image of the bus.’
    • ‘She screen-grabbed the messages and reported him to HR.’
    • ‘The company should inform copyright holders when another user has screen-grabbed their image.’
    • ‘The tweet was quickly screen-grabbed by shocked social media users.’
    • ‘You can only use a fiddly, resizable box to screengrab portions of what you're reading.’
    • ‘Lucky for us, a few fans managed to screen grab the image.’
    • ‘Many Internet sleuths were kind enough to screengrab the entire exchange.’
    • ‘Followers were quick to screen grab the tweets and post them from their own accounts.’
    • ‘I was desperately trying to screen-grab the evidence but my hands wouldn't function and I dropped my phone several times.’