Meaning of screenager in English:


Pronunciation /ˈskriːnˌeɪdʒə/


  • A person in their teens or early twenties who has an aptitude for computers and spends a lot of time on the internet.

    • ‘It's about how screenagers see the world through communications technology, and all that kind of thing.’
    • ‘Anyone who thought the personal computer, with its dull, office-furniture styling, was going to be the device to open up the online world to screenagers needs to think again.’
    • ‘Clever games designers have worked out exactly how to push the buttons of screenagers in the way other media have failed to do.’
    • ‘There's a race on to win the minds of the screenager and Messrs Sony, Sega and Nintendo have been given a huge head start.’


1950s (in sense ‘person who spends a lot of time watching television’): blend of screen and teenager.