Meaning of scribbledehobble in English:


Pronunciation /ˈskrɪbldɪˌhɒbl/


  • A term probably coined by James Joyce, which appears as the first entry in one of his notebooks for Finnegans Wake, and later in the novel itself. Hence, with capital initial and sometimes with the: (the name of) this notebook. Also attributive, in "scribbledehobble book (also notebook)".

    The precise meaning of the word, as used by Joyce, is unclear. In Finnegans Wake, Joyce substitutes scribbledehobble for an earlier instance of scribbledehoy, used with reference to schoolchildren working at their lessons.


1930s; earliest use found in James Joyce (1882–1941), writer. Probably from either scribble or scribble + -de- + hobble-.