Meaning of Scriblerian in English:


Pronunciation /skrɪˈblɪərɪən/


  • A member of the Scriblerus Club; a writer influenced by the ideas of this group.

    The Scriblerus Club (active in 1714) was an informal group of authors whose aim was to satirize current trends in culture and scholarship. The principal members are usually recognized as Jonathan Swift, Alexander Pope, John Arbuthnot, John Gay, and Thomas Parnell. The Club created the persona of the scholar-critic Martinus Scriblerus as a focus for their satire, and the character was given a role in several of Pope's publications. The only completed volume of the Memoirs of Martinus Scriblerus (principally written by Arbuthnot) was published by Pope in 1741 as a part of his Works.


  • Of or characteristic of the Scriblerians.


Mid 18th century. From the name of Martinus Scriblerus, a character invented by members of the Scriblerus Club + -ian.