Meaning of scrub fire in English:

scrub fire


Australian, New Zealand
  • A fire that burns the low-growing vegetation in an area of open countryside.

    ‘a campfire lit in unsuitable conditions sparked a major scrub fire’
    • ‘The sounds of Lyttelton could be heard clearly—including the call out for a fire engine attending a scrub fire.’
    • ‘It is a very pleasant warm wind, however it fans the local scrub fires which are deliberately lit to encourage the growth of new grass.’
    • ‘In Central Australia travellers were warned to be wary of smoke hazards on highways as grass and scrub fires continued to burn.’
    • ‘Scrub fires have the potential to turn into a massive blaze.’
    • ‘A firebug has been at work in the district, setting a string of scrub fires.’
    • ‘Firefighters were called to a large scrub fire on about 1pm yesterday.’
    • ‘We've had burglaries and little scrub fires caused by kids being silly and lighting things.’
    • ‘At 4.40 pm firefighters were called to a scrub fire in Snells beach, where five fire trucks worked on the blaze.’
    • ‘Temperatures are expected to range from 27 C to 32 C this week as a large high sits over the tinder-dry area which has been plagued by scrub fires this month.’
    • ‘Fire crews will continue dampening down a large scrub fire which is smouldering north of Auckland.’
    • ‘Firefighters are battling steep terrain and limited water supplies to contain a large scrub fire near a pine forest.’