Meaning of scrub oak in English:

scrub oak


North American
  • A shrubby dwarf oak which forms thickets.

    Genus Quercus, family Fagaceae: several species, in particular Q. ilicifolia

    ‘Perhaps the arid West Texas environment and the landscape dominated by low-growing mesquite, scrub oak and cactus explained the widespread local veneration of trees.’
    • ‘Likewise, the chestnut-backed chickadees hide in the branches of the scrub oak awaiting an opportunity for a quick breakfast.’
    • ‘Island oak, canyon oak, and scrub oak are common, along with Catalina cherry, elderberry, and summer holly (actually a member of the heath family).’
    • ‘Somewhere in between, favoring the scrub oak but found throughout the forest, smaller stands of pines such as slash, sand, and loblolly grow, as well.’
    • ‘After running a couple hundred yards, the pig reached the first scrub oak and lay down under it.’
    • ‘Able to live 200 to 400 years and named for its bristly husks, or caps, bur oak goes by the names prairie oak, blue oak, scrub oak, or mossycup oak.’