Meaning of scrubby in English:


Pronunciation /ˈskrʌbi/

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adjectiveadjective scrubbier, adjective scrubbiest

See scrub

‘TV programmes and books try to persuade us that we, whoever we are, can make over scrubby lawns, and construct a little Blenheim in a rectangle of twenty by thirty feet.’
  • ‘We were flying over the desert and the bare, scrubby land was beautiful and strange when seen from above.’
  • ‘Not that there's anything particularly romantic or evocative about the landscape - a low, scrubby forest alternating with tracts of rolling parkland cleared in readiness for the agricultural season.’
  • ‘I'm in northern New Mexico trying to follow her through the bosque, a scrubby forest along the Rio Grande flood plain.’
  • ‘This roadside forest is hut a scrubby mix of hardwoods and pines, with a wet smear of inch-deep creek running through the middle.’
  • ‘As we came into town, dust sprinkling the air with the ashes of the day, his windows burned high on the scrubby hillside.’