Meaning of scrubland in English:


Pronunciation /ˈskrʌblənd/

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mass nounalso scrublands
  • Land consisting of scrub vegetation.

    ‘They live in grasslands, deserts, desert scrublands, wetland and woodland edges, shrubby habitat, arctic and alpine tundra, agricultural fields, urban and suburban areas.’
    • ‘The key habitats hosting threatened species (which, therefore need the maximum protection) are wetlands, followed by forests, grassland and scrubland.’
    • ‘Wood mice (A. sylvaticus) are small rodents common in mixed forest and scrublands at our study area, where virtually no other terrestrial rodent species is present.’
    • ‘I love to glide my skis along the easy and moderate paths, crossing snowcovered meadows and scrublands.’
    • ‘Dotted with scrubland and lone trees dangling on plateaus, hillside roads curled around the ascending stretch of hills.’
    • ‘It's truly a wonder - a massive crater in the middle of scrublands, with a tiny forest in the center.’
    • ‘Forested areas have had the priority for conservation, but scrublands and the plains flora have been little prized.’
    • ‘‘Empty as a monk's promise,’ he screamed to the scrublands.’
    • ‘Open grasslands and open halophyte grasslands predominate in both study areas, interspersed with Chihuahuan desert scrublands.’
    • ‘Then, more mountains appeared in the distance: mauve and blue, rising out of scrublands.’
    brush, brushwood, scrubland, undergrowth, coppice, copse, thicket