Meaning of scruffiness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈskrʌfɪnəs/

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‘But I think people love that scruffiness, that roughness.’
  • ‘The punters don't seem to mind the scruffiness.’
  • ‘So aren't the protestations of terminal scruffiness and aw-shucks fallibility just a little disingenuous?’
  • ‘In their defence the attacking pair will point to the scruffiness of the service but they must take some responsibility too.’
  • ‘I mentioned the picture thing because of him, with his scruffiness.’
  • ‘Yeah, I noticed a bit of scruffiness around the chin area.’
  • ‘Del grinned to herself, ‘Does she hate your scruffiness?’’
  • ‘I'm not particularly fond of your brand of scruffiness either.’
  • ‘Other than the current scruffiness of my hair, though, I quite liked my appearance.’
  • ‘But are scruffiness and Slipknot t-shirts not just an integral part of being a techie?’