Meaning of scrummy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈskrʌmi/

adjectiveadjective scrummier, adjective scrummiest

informal British
  • Delicious.

    • ‘you can eat scrummy treats such as ice cream’
    • ‘it's scrummy Sean Bean playing photography lecturer Paul’
    • ‘I served it for dinner, to accompany some absolutely scrummy, more delicious than you can imagine, Lamb Crepinettes with Cumin, Mint and Orange Zest that I had in the freezer.’
    • ‘Our waiter suggested a vegetable side dish for us - potatoes with chick peas, which proved to be an excellent choice: the potatoes were fall-away soft and thoroughly scrummy.’
    • ‘I am more than happy to play and experiment with this one a few more times before I can share a more solid recipe for this most yummy of scrummy English desserts.’
    • ‘I have been going to The Hill for over a year now & I love it, the service is friendly, the bar is beautiful and the food is deliciously scrummy.’
    • ‘‘No healthy person will want more than one deep-fried mini Mars Bar in a lifetime - but they are rather scrummy,’ she gushes.’
    • ‘We passed on staying in one of the hotel's 12 scrummy rooms and opted for one of the log cabins nestling among a Blair Witch-type forest of birch and ash just behind the Four Seasons.’
    • ‘The home-made dips look particularly scrummy.’
    • ‘The only argument was whether to have this scrummy little bun piled high with bacon for breakfast or to simply smother it with butter as a tasty mid-day treat.’
    • ‘And in the meantime there's lots of scrummy stuff on the website.’
    • ‘We celebrated this decision by eschewing mashed potato for a night and buying a scrummy looking continental salad from the supermarket.’
    • ‘Compared to the misery of a chicken sandwich, it was a taste explosion of sugars and fats and scrummy cocoa solids and buttermilk.’
    • ‘Had a scrummy lunch of tapas before wandering round town in the sunshine. Headed home for a lovely Indonsian dinner.’
    • ‘We lingered over dinner for three hours, enjoying every hospitable and scrummy minute of it.’
    • ‘With stiff backs and aching feet, we had done our bit and wanted to get home to our scrummy Sunday dinner.’
    • ‘I had no idea what a stovie was, and am still a little unsure, but it was just scrummy!’
    • ‘‘So, back to when we got distracted by Matthew's scrummy body,’ Sheila said, quickly drinking half of her red wine, ‘You like Matthew.’’
    • ‘Lying there I thought of Will again, and how scrummy he looked.’
    • ‘He and his lady Liz threw a breaking the fast dinner party that was very pleasant and very scrummy.’
    • ‘After my challenging workout we take off to The Boulevard for a scrummy lunch.’
    • ‘‘Oh, Em you're far too scrummy to be a hag,’ he gushed and hugged her.’
    juicy, moist, luscious, lush, fleshy, pulpy, soft, tender, fresh, ripe


Mid 19th century from scrumptious+ -y.